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LPLx2 VV Optical Extender

This LPL - LPL extender doubles the focal length of VV lenses while still mainting optimal high resolution. It loses two stops of light and weighs 1 lb.

Century 2x PL Extender

The High resolution 2X PL to PL stainless steel mount extender by Century Optics has multi-coated optics for professional 35mm zoom lenses. The extender mounts between lens and camera with a two-stop light loss.

Musashi 2x FF Tele-Extender

This PL to PL extender doubles the focal length of most lenses. It's the perfect doubler for maintaining high-quality resolution of full frame lenses.


Atlas 1.6x LF Extender

A PL to PL extender, this is designed to convert Atlas Orion anamorphics to cover ARRI LF, RED Monstro, Sony Venice, and other large format sensors, though it will also work on our Cooke Anamorphics, Kowas, and Apollo Xelmus anamorphics. It adds a 1 1/3 stop of light loss.


Sony 2x E Extender

A 35mm full frame extender, this Sony E mount device weighs less than half a pound and maintains auto focus precision and optical quality with a two-stop light loss.


Canon 2x EF Extender

Designed to extend a lense's focal length by a factor of 2x, the Canon Extender delivers optical performance on par with the finest Canon super telephoto lenses. It delivers seamless communication among camera body, lens, and extender, and features coatings to minimize ghosting, flare, and chromatic aberration.

Lens Expanders

Duclos 1.7x Expander

Duclos' anodized aluminum expander allows S35 lenses to cover FF/VV sensors while still maintaining excellent resolution. It also features fine-tuning for back focus adjustments, eliminating the need for shims.


1.4x Full Frame Expander

Designed to pair with the Laowa OOOM 25-100mm, this expander adapts S35 coverage to Full Frame. It causes one stop of light loss and a 1.4x multiplication to the focal range.


1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter

Designed to pair with the Laowa OOOM 25-100mm, this anamorphic PL adapter allows spherical lenses to provide a 2.35:1 cinematic widescreen ratio in a 16:9 sensor. It will not fit on all lenses, so be sure to connect with us first regarding compatibility. It loses 1/2 stop of light.


Veydra 1.2X PL Expander

This Veydra expander makes it possible to use vintage zoom lenses from the Academy-format era with current generation Super 35 and larger sensor cameras by enlarging the image circle of vintage zoom lenses from 28mm to 36mm diagonally, introducing only a ½ stop of light loss.

Kish Xpander

The Xpander Lens 6K enlarges the zoom screen diagonal to a size of the Alexa Full Gate diagonal. The dimension of the RED Dragon sensor will also be displayed at a 5K resolution. Using the Xpander with the Optimo 17-80mm will result in approximately a 21-97mm zoom.

Camera Mounts

LPL Mount for Alexa Mini/Amira

This ARRI mount is specifically designed for large format and/or full frame lenses with an LPL (Large Positive Lock) mount to fit on Amiras, Alexa Minis, and Mini LFs. However, the LBUS connector on this mount will only work on ALEXA Minis and Mini LFs, not on AMIRAs.


LPL Mount for Sony Venice

This mount allows ARRI Signature Primes to be used on Sony Venice cameras. If the lenses have SUP 2.1 installed, the Venice can utilize Cooke i/ metadata.


LPL Mount for RED V-raptor XL

This mount is specifically designed for large format and/or full frame lenses with an LPL (Large Positive Lock) mount to fit the RED V-Raptor XL Camera. It is not compatible with DSMC 2 cameras, the V-Raptor, or Komodo.


Sony E to LPL Mount

This mount is specifically designed for large format and/or full frame lenses with an LPL (Large Positive Lock) mount to fit Sony E-Mount Full Frame Alpha series cameras. It is not compatible with the Sony FX9 or Sony FS7II.


Leica L to LPL Camera Mount

This mount is specifically designed for large format and/or full frame lenses with an LPL (Large Positive Lock) mount to be used on Panasonic or Leica L Mount cameras.



This Arri PL mount features the Len Data System (LDS) to allow transfer of metadate from PL mount lenses to the camera. This mount fits our ALEXA Minis and AMIRA.

DSMC® Magnesium PL Mount 2.0

The DSMC® Magnesium PL Mount enables you to use PL mount cinema lenses with your DSMC or DSMC2™ BRAIN®. Lightweight magnesium construction and solid locking mechanism provides durable yet lightweight support for PL mount glass.


Wooden Camera RED PL Mount

A straightforward solution for using PL glass on a RED body, this Wooden Camera mount is durable and does not pass through lens data.



This EF mount allows for the easy integration of LBUS lens motors and features a wider baffle to allow for coverage of the ALEXA Mini LF's sensor.  It's compatible with both cine-style and still photo EF lenses.



The Arri EF camera mount for EF mount lenses allows for electronic iris control via camera user buttons or menu wheel. This mount fits our ALEXA Minis and AMIRA.

RED EF Mount

The DSMC® EF Canon Mount offers support for a wide variety of Canon EF mount lenses to use with your DSMC or DSMC2™ BRAIN®. Supporting autofocus and electronic iris control, the mount attaches easily to the front of your camera BRAIN and uses a dual-ring lock system to secure Canon EF lenses.

RED Nikon Mount

The DSMC® Nikon Mount (CAPTIVE) enables you to equip a wide variety of Nikkor AF-S and AF-D compatible lenses to your DSMC or DSMC2™ BRAIN®. This mount is lightweight machined aluminum the DSMC Nikon Mount offers modularity and convenience, while supporting autofocus and electronic iris control with compatible lenses.

KipperTies Revolva RF/PL

This mount features an integrated internal ND and pairs well with the RED Komodo. It comes with two different cartridges of ND strengths that allow operators to quickly adjust exposure without using filters.


Wooden Camera Sony E/PL

This E-Mount to PL Adapter is a shimmable adapter that enables mounting of all PL mount lenses onto many cameras including the Sony FX9, FS7, and a7 cameras.

Wooden Camera Micro MFT/PL

This is a micro four thirds lens mount adapter that enables mounting of PL mount lenses on MFT mounts. This mount was designed to fit on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras with a native MFT mount.


Wooden Camera L/PL

This is a shimmable mount adapter that includes a foot to relieve strain from the weight of the lens. It fits on our Sigma fp camera as well as our Panasonic Lumix S1h body.


Metabones Sony E/EF

This adapter supports both phase-detect and contrast-detect AF systems as well as the ability to control the aperture from the camera body. Smooth iris effects are possible as well on select lenses and 5-axis stabilization with supported lenses.


Sigma L/EF Adapter

This mount allows EF lenses to be used on L-mount cameras such as the Sigma fp, and it will enable fast and accurate auto-focus with Sigma EF lenses.


Focus Adapters

15mm Macro PL Extension Tube

While wide to mid-focal length lenses benefit most from this product, the Duclos PL Extension Tube can be used on just about any PL mount lens, decreasing the minimum focus distance to within a few inches of the front element while maintaining optimal image quality. It is not compatible with anamorphic lenses.


20mm Macro PL Extension Tube

Best paired with mid to long-range lenses, this 20mm extension tube allows you to decrease the minimum focus of your PL mount lens to achieve results similar to unique macro lenses, and can be used on just about any PL mount lens without interfering with the original image quality.


Leitz Cine MacroLux

The diopter reinvented, the +2, +1, and +0.5 Leitz Cine MacroLux create high performance optics with no perceptible light loss, spherical aberrations, color fringing or centering issues.
Front Ø: 95mm


Kenko EF Extension Tubes

Extension tubes are designed to enable a lens to focus closer than its normal set minimum focusing distance. Getting closer has the effect of magnifying your subject.
Sizes: 12mm, 20mm, 36mm


wide angle adapters

OFG Custom Cooke sp3 18.5mm adapter

Custom made by Old Fast Glass, this wide angle adapter threads on directly to the front of the Cooke SP3 25mm prime lens, converting it to an 18.5mm wide angle lens, while still retaining the "Cooke look" and minimizing unwanted optical artifacts.