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Unleash new creative possibilities for your brand with the Bolt motion control system.

"Your team and the Bolt were amazing yesterday. The client was blown away. It truly elevated the creative to another level. “

- Local Creative Producer

What is Motion Control?

Motion control is a cinematic technique used to control the precise movement of a shot. Using robot technology the camera’s movement can be programmed and repeated exactly the same over and over again. This ability allows the user to create camera movements and special effects that would otherwise be impossible.

The Bolt takes motion control to the next level. It’s the fastest high-speed motion control robot in the industry. Its speed and frame-accurate repeatability is unbelievably precise and opens up a world of endless creative opportunities. The Bolt’s portability allows for shooting in any studio or on-location.


Get the most out of the Bolt with these creative techniques.


Get the same frame-accurate shot every time. Over and over again.

Barrel Roll

Pick any point and rotate the camera on its nodal point for perfectly centered rotation.

Camera Orbit

Move perfectly in a circular rotation around a precise point in 3D space.

Target Tracking

Track your object with extreme precision, making any complex shot manageable, all in 3D space.


Lightweight design makes it easy to transport and set up in under an hour, whether on location or in the studio.

Lens Control

The fastest motors in the world keep precise control over focus, iris, and zoom.

Move Objects

Attach products, props, or lights to the Bolt and move them in front of a separate camera to create dynamic perspectives or effects.


A trigger in sync with the Bolt can tell a turntable, servo, pneumatic component, DMX light and more to perform a task at an exact time every time.

Multi-Point Move

Create more dynamic products, food and detailed macro shots with ease and efficiency.

Timecode | Lighting

Trigger pneumatics, servo motors, sound tracks and DMX lighting effects all in the Bolt’s Flair software.


Shoot a full size object or person and scale this to a miniature plate for a real life miniature effect.

Dynamic Motion

Pair the Bolt with a high-speed Phantom camera to achieve new perspectives in a slow motion shot.

Export CGI Files 

Export the 3D positional data of a programmed move as a CGI file to create an incredibly efficient post workflow for your CGI artist. Works with software like Maya, Cinema4D, and 3D Max and more.

High-Speed Precision

From standstill to full high-speed motion and back to stop in seconds.

Time Lapse

Take incredible motion-controlled time-lapse shots.


Flair is the premier motion control software. Designed to give exceptional command over camera movement, Flair precisely controls up to 500 axes of motion and interfaces seamlessly with CGI packages. Flair is the control tool that makes Bolt moves a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using motion control when it comes to the post-production?

Post production relies heavily on having good original takes. Motion control is often the unsung hero of effects, enabling scenes from the real world to be seamlessly multi-layered and combined with computer graphics and digital effects. Being more of a production tool, many people see the glitz and praise given to powerful post production graphics packages, and miss the vital concept that without the motion control footage, these high end effects could not exist.

Additionally, because the camera trajectory and perspective is very easily exported from the rig to the post-production tools, CGI backgrounds and fore-ground elements can be very easily and accurately added.

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