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BOLT jr+

Innovate your cinema

Smaller, Lighter, Precision Motion Control

The Bolt Jr+ can do most everything the full-sized Bolt can, but in a more compact size. The body of the Jr+ weighs less than half as much as the original Bolt, can easily fit through most doorways, and can be powered on a standard wall outlet, significantly increasing the number of places you can bring it.


45 mins
22 lb
20A Wall

operating envelope

Max Height (from ground)


Lowest Postion


Maximum Reach (from center)


rig Performance

Arm Arc Move Max Speed @ Camera

5 m/s


Unlimited range of travel


+150° / -90° range of travel


+/- 200° range of travel


+/- 360° range of travel

Arm with track max speed @ camera

8 m/s


+/- 190° range of travel


+157° / -10° range of travel


+/- 120° range of travel

rig Weights

Bolt Jr+

701 lbs +

Transport wheels 110 lbs

Maximum Camera Payload


Power Connection

Power Requirements

1 x 200-220 VAC

What is motion control?

Motion control is a cinematic technique used to control the precise movement of a shot. Using robot technology the camera’s movement can be programmed and repeated exactly the same over and over again. This ability allows the user to create camera movements and special effects that would otherwise be impossible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using motion control when it comes to the post-production?


Post production relies heavily on having good original takes. Motion control is often the unsung hero of effects, enabling scenes from the real world to be seamlessly multi-layered and combined with computer graphics and digital effects. Being more of a production tool, many people see the glitz and praise given to powerful post production graphics packages, and miss the vital concept that without the motion control footage, these high end effects could not exist.

Additionally, because the camera trajectory and perspective is very easily exported from the rig to the post-production tools, CGI backgrounds and fore-ground elements can be very easily and accurately added.