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Create dynamic shots

Achieve your vision with Bolt motion control 

Use motion control rigs with the Bolt to create innovative and eye-catching visuals.


This rig is great for bringing elements into frame, 360 degree spins, and more.

Small Turntable

The small turntable is perfect for items such as jewellery, utensils or other light equipment, and is easily controllable through the Flair software, handheld remote, or even MRMC's iPad app.

  • Up to 44lb payload
  • Rotation Speed: 100°/s
  • Can be positioned upside down to hang fashion accessories on such as bags
  • Different size disks for a variety objects

Medium Turntable

For larger and heavier items such as appliances or even actors, the medium turntable is a great option. It features a centreless design, so you can run cables through the middle to power items if needed. Watch a video demo here!

  • Up to 440lb payload
  • Rotation Speed: 90°/s
  • Centreless so cables or power can be fed through to appliances
  • Turntable weight 35kg

conveyor belts

This rig is great for situations where you need to drop an item, or series of items, with controllable and repeatable speed and timing. This could be ice cubes dropping into a glass, french fries dropping onto a plate, etc. For small items, it can also be used as a single-axis model mover.

conveyor belt

Conveyor belt rigs can be made in a variety of lengths, and can be mounted several ways. If needed, multiple conveyor belts can be controlled at once to add more layers of visual interest.

  • Adjustable size
  • Adjustable speed
  • Repeatable timing
  • Various rigging points for adjustment and placement


Purpose-built rigs for dropping a small item or group of items simultaneously. Unlike dropping items from a conveyor belt, which can create a slight forward-tumbling motion, rigs like the Iris Dropper allow objects to drop straight into free fall with minimal disturbance.

IRIS Dropper RIg

This rig lets creators drop small objects into free fall, with some unique and creative bonus features. Shots with the iris rig can be as simple as letting an object fall past the camera, but because of its iris-style design, it also allows users to shoot through the opening as the object(s) fall either directly towards or away from the lens.

  • Perform repeatable drops
  • Triggered pneumatically
  • Includes feed tray attachment
  • Multiple baby pin mounting points for rigging

Launchers & catapults

Our launchers and catapults are able to launch small objects into the air with a predictable arc of travel and velocity. Common uses include things like cereal, small fruits, confetti, candies, etc. Pair them with motion control and high-speed camera for beautiful and impressive results!

Pneumatic Launchers

Send small objects flying through the air with repeatable results, so you can quickly and easily capture the perfect take. Especially with launchers, cleanup between takes can be time consuming, so having programmable and repeatable results add tremendously to your production's efficiency

  • Adjustable pressure for precise launch
  • Controllable launch angle and arc of travel
  • Multiple launch trays for different uses
  • Rigging for easy positioning

pouring rigs

These rigs are primarily designed to pour, drop, or spill items or liquids from a container. This could be pouring beer from a bottle, cereal out of a box, etc.  Pour rigs pair especially well with high frame rate footage, which helps you capture the texture, weight, and consistency of your product with striking and attractive visuals.

Repeatably and reliably pour, drop, or spill at any speed to get the perfect shot. Whether it's a slow drizzle or instantly sending an object into total free fall, pour rigs can do it right every time.

  • Fully adjustable speed
  • Highly configurable
  • Multiple applications
  • Repeatable timing

custom rigs

Got an idea and aren't sure how to execute the shot?

Let's talk about a custom rig

Sometimes motion control shoots need a custom rig for unique applications or complex motions. If this sounds like something your shoot may need, we are happy to help build a custom rig to achieve your creative vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using motion control when it comes to the post-production?

Post production relies heavily on having good original takes. Motion Control is often the unsung hero of effects, enabling scenes from the real world to be seamlessly multi-layered and combined with computer graphics and digital effects. Eye-catching post production graphics packages attract a lot of attention and impress viewers, but many people miss the vital context that without the motion control footage at the foundation, these high end effects could not exist.

Additionally, because the camera trajectory and perspective is very easily exported from the rig to the post-production tools, CGI backgrounds and foreground elements can be very easily and accurately added.

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