Expert Guests

Secrets of Optics

w/ Mitch Gross 


Highlights from our Workshop - May 7th, 2022

Skills leveled up

In this workshop, industry veteran Mitch Gross discussed the differences between various lenses and what creates their unique look, helping filmmakers choose the perfect lens for any project.  Secrets of Optics was a wonderful opportunity to learn what otherwise might require years of testing and access to high-end equipment.

Topics Discussed

- What makes the "look" of lenses


- Choosing lenses for storytelling


- Crop factors


- Bokeh


- Anamorphic optics


- Lens testing & projection


& More


PLUS: an inside look at the new Prolycht Orion 675FS LED light!



meet our host

Mitch Gross started in the motion picture industry as a camera assistant, eventually becoming a cinematographer on more than two dozen features and hundreds of commercials, documentaries, music videos and two television series. He is also known in the industry for his many educational seminars, videos and teaching on forums and social media.

Gross is currently the North American Director of Strategic Sales for Prolycht Lighting. Previously Gross was the Cinema Product Manager at Panasonic North America, supervising the VariCam and EVA1 product lines. Before that he was Director of Communications at Convergent Design, where he helped develop and introduce the Odyssey7Q+ and Apollo monitor/recorders. Prior to that he worked as Applications Specialist at AbelCine in New York.