HIGHLIGHTS FROM our workshop - January 14th, 2023

SkillS Leveled Up

We kicked off the new year at CineMechanics with an introductory course on working with 16mm film and the ARRI SR-series film cameras, taught by DP Adam Olson & veteran camera technician Brian McGraw of CineMechanics. Though many digital shooters might have felt intimidated by analog film, or simply didn’t know where to begin– this workshop helped to demystify working with film, and hopefully left students feeling confident that shooting their next project on 16mm is within reach!





●  History and Evolution of 16mm

●  Intro to Film Terminology


●  Basic Operations of ARRI SR 16mm Cameras

●  How to Load Arri SR 16mm Mags

●  16mm Optics

●  Film "Dos and Don'ts"

●  Production Considerations for Film


PLUS:  hands-on time with camera and loading mags!

THE Instructors

Adam Olson

Adam Olson is a Cinematographer and Filmmaker whose work has been screened worldwide, including such festivals as Berlin, Aberystwyth & New Zealand. Adam teaches production at Minneapolis College. He holds a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and an MLS in German Cinema from the University of Minnesota. Adam also continues to make Photography work using analog photography techniques.

Brian McGraw

Brian is not only CineMechanics’ in-house lens technician, he’s also a true authority on the history, operations, and maintenance of film cameras. Brian’s expertise has been built over decades of industry experience as technician and camera rental professional, witnessing a lifetime of evolution in motion picture technology– from the heyday of celluloid to the modern digital age.

This workshop was made possible with the generous support of Kodak Film Lab Atlanta.