Social events

cineup barbecue

w/ golden peaks productions & Motocrane


Highlights from our Workshop - june 26th, 2023

cineup barbecue

At this CineUp we hosted a social hour for our local film community, featuring food, drinks, & and even arm cars! We had a fantastic turnout from a wide diversity of filmmakers, from Directors & DPs, to Gaffers & Grips, to Art Department & beyond. 


This event also featured a live demo of two different car-mounted camera arms from the folks at Golden Peaks Productions and MotoCrane.

other highlights

- NEW: TLS Mamiya 645 Prime Lenses


- NEW: Freefly Ember S5K Hi-Speed Camera


- NEW: Laowa Proteus 2x Anamorphic Lenses


- CustomEasy Raptor Rickshaw Dolly


- Sony VENICE Rialto


& More