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intro to Bolt Motion Control

Highlights from our Workshop - July 26th, 2022

Skills leveled up

This presentation introduced filmmakers to the industry-leading Bolt motion control system. Many exciting topics were covered, leaving attendees with a great understanding of how the Bolt and motion control can help elevate their work. This included live demonstrations of the Bolt’s benefits and capabilities, showing why productions across the country are using the Bolt to bring their work to a new level.

Topics Discussed

- Bolt moves, simple and complex


- Motion control applications


- Production considerations for shooting on Bolt


& More


Meet your presenter

Carsten Johnson is a Bolt Operator based in  Los Angeles and Minneapolis. He is a certified operator trained by the UK based Mark Roberts Motion Control. He has operated the Bolt and Bolt Jr+ on dozens of high-profile jobs in Minneapolis and across the country for people like Arby's, Target, the MN Wild, the MN Timberwolves, Hormel, Best Buy & more.