Gear Demos

ARRI Pro camera accessories

Hosted October 24th, 2023


Our friends from ARRI returned to CineMechanics to host a workshop on their extensive lineup of high quality professional camera accessories.


In the world of professional filmmaking, the various camera accessories we use have a significant impact on how we approach achieving the director or DP's creative vision. At this workshop, attendees heard from true experts about accessories from ARRI, who make some of the most highly regarded camera technology in the world.

gear on display

Hi-5 | Wireless focus system


- RIA-1 | Radio interface and control box


- ZMU-4 | Wireless zoom control


Impression Filters | Rear diopters for ARRI Signature Primes


& More


the instructors

Michael Best
Product Manager for Camera Accessories at ARRI

Günter Nösner
Senior Technical Sales Representative at ARRI