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New in Rentals: The P&S Technik Skater Scope

In any cinematographer’s career, there are undoubtedly going to be times when the creative vision for a shot or sequence is hindered by the physical limitations of where they can fit their camera system. If your shoot calls for fitting into tight corners, extreme angles, working with miniatures, or inside a car, you may want to consider this exciting new solution in our inventory: the Skater Scope from P&S Technik.

What is that thing?

The Skater Scope is a multi-directional lens system. Much like a periscope on a submarine, the Skater Scope uses prisms within a barrel to redirect light so that an image can be viewed from an angle or position alternative to where it is originally captured. A PL mount lens is affixed to the front of the scope, and the user manipulates the rotatable axis’s to adjust tilt (-105° to +105°), pan (full 360°), and image rotation (also a full 360°) for easy correction of angle or barrel roll effects. 

This concept of a periscope lens system has been present in the cinematography world for quite some time now, but historically these have been very bulky, scarcely available, and until now have required a significant amount of light. The Skater Scope, however, is the smallest lens system in its category and allows up to a T5.6 aperture. A major speed improvement over other systems that need a T14 or more stop.

Redefining a “Compact” Package

Given how tiny many digital camera systems have become these days, calling this “small” may seem a bit funny at first. But take a moment to consider it: with the Skater Scope, now you practically only have to fit the lens itself into your desired space. No camera body, no tripod head, no jib arm or special rigs, all while allowing the user to harness the full power of a digital cinema camera. Shoot inside a car while operating from outside, get low to a surface with minimal interference, get unique dutch angles, or do a perfect barrel roll without a special tripod head; the list of possibilities goes on.