Want a better way to plan your shots?

The Sigma fp Director’s Viewfinder offers a simple, portable, and accurate way to plan your shots, whether you’re scouting a potential location or squaring up on shoot day.

A Truly Modern Viewfinder

These days there are many smartphone apps designed to function as a “viewfinder for the 21st century," but they still have a handful of drawbacks. The most significant disadvantage is that, at the end of the day, you are still looking at an image taken with a smartphone-sized lens and a smartphone-sized sensor. While the leading apps usually have functions to switch your view between sensor sizes and aspect ratios to find an estimated field of view, that’s exactly the problem: they’re just an estimate. 

This means you will not be able to get any definitive answers on key logistical and creative questions such as “how much of the scenery will be in focus?” and “how will the lighting play?” and “what will our field of view be when we bring in the real camera?” Maybe most importantly, there is just no way to really feel the subjective character of your lens without looking at your scene through the lens itself. 

What the Sigma fp viewfinder offers are solutions to all of these problems, and more.

Key Features

The Sigma fp’s full frame sensor and intuitive menu system allow the user to seamlessly switch between a long list of sensors and aspect ratios. In a package that weighs less than a pound before adding the lens, you can instantly view the most accurate possible recreations of images you’d get out of any of the leading cine cameras, from the RED Gemini all the way up to the Alexa 65. 

And unlike the old fully-mechanical viewfinders, the Sigma fp is also a fully functional digital video and stills camera. This means that while you’re on a scout, you can take high-resolution video or photos and share them with anyone else on your team. Additionally, you could audition different potential lens choices in your actual shoot location instead of only in the rental house prep bay. Or, if you’re on set and looking for where to set up your next shot without moving your entire camera rig, you could connect the Sigma fp to monitor so your whole creative team and crew can see exactly what is coming next.