Schulz SprayOff Micro Rain Deflector

A clever solution to an age-old problem.

When You Can't Avoid the Rain…

Shooting in rainy conditions always calls for some creative solutions, and even more so if it’s a windy day, or your camera is moving through the rain on a vehicle, crane, or steadicam - enter the Schulz SprayOff Rain Deflector.

How it Works and Why to Use It

The Schulz Rain Deflector fits in the LMB matte box like a filter tray and features a motorized piece of glass that spins in place at up to 3800 RPM, deflecting the water off the surface almost instantly. The motor can be powered with a 24v connection for maximum speed, or by 12v at a reduced speed.

Without a rain deflector, the best case scenario is that you get lucky and most of the takes are still usable. However, you would still need to wipe off the lens between takes, which will inevitably be eating into valuable shooting time. When your job has already invested in the infrastructure and personnel to shoot with moving cars or on a rig like a Russian Arm or a Technocrane, the last thing you want to do is hold up production (or worse, end up with completely unusable footage) when the problem could be solved by something as simple as a rain deflector.