Nodo Inertia Wheels Training App: Learn to Operate

Now available for check-out from CineMechanics: the Nodo Inertia Wheels. DPs and ACs can get hands-on operation training via the accompanying app, downloadable for free on Nodo's website.

About the Nodo Inertia Wheels

The Nodo Inertia Wheels are handwheels with first-of-its-kind digitally controllable mass and drag, that can remotely control a Movi, Ronin, eMotimo head, or even virtual cameras within a 3D software like Unreal Engine. They can connect either via a full-duplex (can send and receive information at the same time) radio signal, or via a hardline connection.

The Nodo Wheels Training App

Nodo has made an accompanying training app for Mac and PC in which you can use the Inertia Wheels to learn and practice operating. Users can choose to start at their level of ability, progressing from slow single-axis movement to highly complex moves. If you’ve never done it before, even moving in a circle becomes quite a humbling experience once you realize that every 45°, one of your hands will need to switch directions, while also constantly alternating between accelerating and decelerating along the curves.

If you’ve never operated with wheels, or even if you’re quite experienced and just want to refine your skills, checking out the Nodo Inertia wheels is a great way to take your abilities to the next level.