What is the Leica Noctilux lens?

The Leica Noctilux F/0.95 is a photo lens rehoused for cinema. It creates a unique soft bokeh and shallow focus, casting a dreamy or ephemeral quality to images taken with it. It has a fast T-stop of 0.95, making it a very rare lens.

Released in 1966, the Leica Noctilux has gone through many revisions to reach the standard it is today. It was used frequently on the show Ozark and throughout history for photo-journalism and portraits. Now, it can be used with cinema cameras.

How is the Leica Noctilux used?

Because of it’s shallow focus and soft bokeh effect, this lens is excellent for portraits and creating a dream-like image composition, especially in low light. 

What makes the Leica Noctilux Next Level?

Thanks to True Lens Service (TLS), the Leica Noctilux has been adapted from photography to the world of cinema. The lens works on both S35 and full frame cameras. It’s an exciting option as there are very few lenses that can offer such a unique look and shallow focus.


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