Betz Wave1 Horizon Stabilizer

Keep your horizon stable with this easy-to-use device.

the Wave Plate

The Betz Wave1, usually referred to by us at CineMechanics simply as “the wave plate”, is a single-axis motorized stabilizing device that keeps your horizon level as you move the camera. It’s remarkably straightforward to set up and use, with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

Why the Wave?

With the mass proliferation of affordable 3-axis gimbal systems from companies like DJI, why would an operator choose a single-axis stabilizer like the Wave? More stabilization is better, no? Not always! As with any tool in a filmmaker’s arsenal, it should always be chosen to serve the story you’re trying to tell.


The hyper-smooth sort of motion you get out of a gimbal like the Ronin 2 or the Movi produces a very particular look and feel to your footage, and sometimes that’s not what you’re after. By isolating the roll axis in your stabilization, you’re able to retain a lot of the feeling of handheld footage - up-and-down & tilt/pan motion - while keeping the horizon level. For additional control, you can add a steadicam or an EasyRig with a StabilArm to the equation and drastically reduce the up-and-down motion created by the footsteps of the operator.

Some Common Use Cases:

On a Steadicam

For whip pans, for very slow moves, running shots, against wind, etc.
Quick switch between High and Low mode possible

On Remote Heads

To preserve the horizon

On Hard mount possible for Boats / Vehicles etc.

To preserve the horizon and against the wind

On Easy Rig, Shoulder Supports and Hand Held Cameras

To preserve the horizon