COVID-19 Company Update
COVID-19 Company Update
COVID-19 Company Update
Our world is facing a public health crisis we have never experienced before and we all need to do our part to mitigate it. At CineMechanics we are taking the necessary actions to protect our customers and employees from contracting and spreading this virus and are greatly limiting our social interaction.
CineMechanics will continue to serve our clients during this time with some restrictions. We can still be reached by phone and email and provide equipment to you, but we will be temporarily open by-appointment only with limited hours and staff.
Please know we keep our employees informed of the latest information about COVID-19 and are cleaning and sanitizing with disinfectants our common areas, door handles, equipment cases, cameras, and other rental items. We are currently doing no-contact equipment pick-ups at a remotely controlled building entry, and we can ship or courier packages to your location. We are continuing to support our rental house friends around the country via FedEx.
The safety and well being of our community is of utmost importance while we continue to work through this unprecedented time. We wish you good health and safety. Please know the CineMechanics team is ready to support you and the community now and in the future.
We can be reached via email at or and by phone at 952.303.6226 and 612.310.4698
Stay Home, Stay Healthy,
CineMechanics Team (Steve, Sophie, Carsten, Brian, Alec)